Recovery Programs

The Downtown Rescue Mission’s Biblically based 12-month Residential Recovery Program is designed to help men and women achieve life-long change and freedom from problems, such as alcoholism and drug addiction, as well as emotional, mental and physical abuse. The program seeks to restore individuals through teaching and modeling solid, Biblical principles and truths in which they can rebuild their lives.

During the 12-month Residential Recovery Program, men and women are provided shelter, meals, and clothing at no charge, and are equipped with life skills, such as computer navigation, resume writing, and money management. We teach them how to apply God’s Word to their lives, accept responsibility, and live a life of independence. They are taught how to break the cycle of self-destruction through being fully involved in their growing relationship with Jesus Christ. It is this growing relationship with Christ that will lead a person to not rely on alcohol, drugs or any other destructive substitutes for joy, meaning and peace that are a commonality in their lives.

Life Recovery Programs 

 The men and women’s program uses a Christ-centered approach to helping men 18 and over resolve addiction and other life issues. We use the acronym life which stands for; Learn about Christ, have an Intimate Relationship with Christ, Follow Christ, and become an Example of Christ. We believe that men must first know about Christ through the constant preaching of the gospel, fall in love with the Savior, and then obey Him through this love.  

 In the program, a man will receive Christian counseling, learn how to heal from past wounds and develop healthy ways of coping. He will also get the chance to study the Bible and participate in the education program to improve employment skills. After graduating, men have the opportunity to continue to use Mission resources until they get back on their feet. 

Step 1: L earn the Gospel  

Our main goal in the first step is to introduce our clients to the gospel in the “Gospel of John” class and the fundamental doctrines of our faith in the “Christian Beliefs” class.  

 Step 2: Intimate Relationship

In the second step, we focus on having an intimate relationship with Christ. This is achieved through three spiritual disciplines; worship, prayer, and the study of scripture.     

Step 3: Follow Christ

In the third step, we focus on applying the gospel message to our past and present lives through practical steps.    

Step 4: Example of Christ 

The fourth step is a recap of gospel truth. We never graduate from the gospel. We want our clients to know that this message is which they received, in which they stand, and by which they are being saved. (1 Corinthians 15:1-2)    

Do you or a loved one need help?

For more information on our 12-month recovery programs, please contact Adam Casey, Director of Men’s Program, (256) 536-2441, ext. 356, or Cara Henderson, Director of Women’s Program, (256) 536-2441, ext. 304.

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