Friend of the Friendless



Downtown Rescue Mission is depending on the hearts of people like you to sustain providing care and HOPE to the lost, lonely, and broken in North Alabama.


As a Friend of the Friendless, you will join hundreds of other supporters to give a recurring monthly gift to the mission. Together, you will help bring stability to our ministry and allow us to plan more effectively the number of meals and needed care for the hungry and homeless each month. More importantly, your gifts will assist in making sure our services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The rate of homelessness is rising, especially in women and mothers with children – and the Mission is rising to meet that need. Will you join us as a Friend of the Friendless in providing care for those who need it most?

As a Friend of the Friendless you will receive exclusive updates on the ministry throughout the year. Also, as a monthly donor, you’ll receive less mail and help us save money. An update of your annual giving will be sent once a month.

Thank you for considering a partnership with the Mission. Support from friends like you keeps the Mission running every day.

We’ll put your gifts to use right away to provide meals, shelter, and care to hurting and homeless neighbors in North Alabama.


Become a Friend of the Friendless

Give today to help Huntsville’s homeless men, women and children

Your donation provides safe shelter, hot meals and lasting hope for new lives.

Your Gift of $115 helps 60 people


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