State of Homelessness

Homeless people today struggle with more controlling habits than just alcoholism. Drugs play a large part in street homelessness. Each of these types of addictions lead individuals to give up material possessions in order to fuel the destructive habit. Physical and emotional abuse produces fear while many fall victim to their own unwise sexual practices. Other individuals bear the effects of past emotional, physical and sexual abandonment or abuse. The homeless are plagued with issues regarding education, employment, healthcare and inexpensive housing in our community. The Downtown Rescue Mission strives to offer life changing programs and services to every individual who walks onto our campus while meeting their individual needs.

The face of a homeless person in the greater Huntsville area is no longer a white, male alcoholic. This change has been fueled in large part to the pervasiveness and accessibility of drugs, housing prices and the rise of unemployment.

We here at the Downtown Rescue Mission serve a diverse population. On any given day we reflect a population of 55% Caucasians, 40% African-Americans , 4% Hispanic Americans and 1% Asian Americans/others.

In recent years, 57% of the Mission’s population has been male, 32% female and 11% children. However, these percentages fluctuate depending on the time of the year, outside temperatures and weather forecasts.

The Downtown Rescue Mission exists to serve the homeless living in northern Alabama and southern Tennessee. For more than four decades we have saved and changed many lives while having a positive impact on thousands of others by providing compassionate, Christ-centered programs and services to help those in desperate need.

The Downtown Rescue Mission is supported by donations from local businesses, corporations, individuals and foundations. We receive no federal, state or city funding. The life of our organization depends on people like you.

The Mission provides short-term emergency care, an 12-month alcohol and drug recovery program, work training, computer access and transportation to Drake Technical College for GED and college degree attainment and transitional assistance. The Mission seeks to transform homeless with a variety of backgrounds into being productive citizens of society.

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