Executive Leadership

Keith Overholt
Bonnie Temple
Executive Vice President/CFO
Mark Gradkowski
Executive Vice President/CAO
Mike Smith
Senior Director of Retail Ministry
Jennifer Geist
Senior Director of Community Partnerships & Resources

Board of Directors

Mr. Jay Farrell (Chair)
Mr. Terry Sanderson (Vice Chair)
Mr. Scott Martin (Treasurer)
Mr. Roger Vonjouanne (Secretary)
Mr. Bob Broadway
Mr. Fred Coffey
Mrs. Joy Parker
Mr. Kirk Thompson
Mr. Fred Fagan
Mr. Eddie Williams
Mr. Bernard Thompson (Member Emeritus)
Mr. John Cady
Mr. Christopher Gordon
Mr. John Hamilton
Mrs. Cathy Maner
Mr. Doug Roberts
Mr. George Smith


Tonia Beverly - Director of Events/Business Partnerships
Corey Buckner - Director of Church Partnerships/Volunteers
Adam Casey - Director of Men's Ministry
Morgan Fox - Men's Chaplain
Drew Gilbert - Director of Security
Cara Henderson - Director of Women's Recovery Program
Patti Moody - Resident Advisor
Michael Rains - Director of Men's Resources
Elena Swan - Director of Women's Resources
Rayvin McMillian - Emergency Services Case Manager
Joanna Thompson - Director of Retail Marketing
Mickey Counter - Director of Intake and Retention

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